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ages. [Sep. 7th, 2007|03:11 am]
[noize |deerhunter - "hazel st"]

I haven't posted in here for a long time.

Um, so as of today, I don't think I'm in Bears anymore.

That's the latest.

I've been to 34 states this year. I've done 5 weeks of touring.

I have a really cool job working for a rock publicity firm.

I've met some amazing people all over the country.
I wish I lived somewhere else.

And I'm about to join a new band.

That's it.
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"teen wants to buy dungeon house." [Jan. 9th, 2007|07:04 pm]
[Current Location |pheonix]
[noize |it sounds like chipotle in here.]

wow, got my student loan bill, credit card bill, electric bill, bill for a visit to the doctors in november at thanksgiving, AND a summon for jury duty (my second in like two years) all in the same night. how pleasant! it's like the debt gods took a giant crap in my mailbox and set it on fire.

it's snowing here, finally. global warming has been working its magic, but i want to go sledding, dammit, and maybe now i can.

i'm going on tour with Bears from March 5th-21st for SXSW. i can't wait. i love my bandmates. it's going to be rad.

speaking of Bears, Bears and Plasma for Guns were mentioned in the Free Times' cover story two weeks ago, Top Ten Bands to Watch...

this is from the show we played saturday... i took it in the middle of the set. the kids were dancing and clapping so much it sounded like a greek wedding. there were over 300 people there. i hate shows that are that crowded because girls run into you with their oversized purses every five seconds, and it's a million degrees from all of the bodies crammed into the room.

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not so bad. [Nov. 24th, 2006|04:21 am]
[Current Location |home for the holiday]
[noize |the shins - wincing the night away]

things went from real not fun, to not so bad, over the last few days.

i believe a lot of this has to do with my making some decisions, and changes, and well, getting my shit together. i really need to work on being more preventative, instead of waiting for things to fall apart, then putting it all back together.

yea, anyways.

significant events of the past week or so include me totalling my car on the way back from a plasma for guns show, getting a concussion from said accident, getting sicker from being out in the rain after said accident, then getting back together with patrick (who i broke up with a month ago), and finally going to the doctor like i had been putting off for months, so i could finally get better via steroids and antibiotics.

next step is finding a new car, and deciding if i'm going to go to cosmetology school or not... i might wait til fall if Bears is really going to Europe this summer.

i do not want to miss going to Europe!
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CMJ 2006 [Nov. 9th, 2006|06:28 pm]
[Current Location |pheonix coffee]

This isn't from CMJ, but this review is pretty funny:

So we just played CMJ in NYC last week... here's some photos.

hi mom!

Jared, Sean, and Patrick in our hotel room, watching free cable TV.

Pennsylvania lasts FOREVER.

Going to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

taken by some guy from some radio station in san francisco.


kids outside our show at north six.
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super awesome week. (watch out for giant photos!) [Sep. 29th, 2006|07:57 pm]
[Current Location |carabou coffee]
[noize |the black lips - "boomerang"]

so this week a few awesome things have happened:

1. bears are definitely playing the CMJ fest in NYC on November 4th. we're playing some invite-only showcase at north six, in brooklyn. i'm not sure how we got asked to play, but i know that we don't have to pay like the other bands do at that thing, which is cool, because i'm still poor.

2. hung out with chris hall, former lead singer of stabbing westward, on wednesday. made my crush i've been harboring since i was like 16, even worse.

3. my band, bears, is in this coming month's AP (alternative press) magazine...

so yeah, life is real fun right now... i hope it lasts.
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going down like a plane, gracefully or on fire. [Sep. 13th, 2006|03:58 pm]
[noize |knifelicker playing drums crappily next door.]

i've been super stressed lately.

mostly about money.

my former housemate ditched andrew, chris, and i at the beginning of the month, with no prior notice and without paying rent, and left her room a mess and left a bunch of her crap behind. andrew's called dibs on the shelves and crap she left, but we're all stressed to have to compensate for her rent on top of our own - not to mention her share of the utilities (electric). even though she had a bedroom, she refused to sleep in it, and was always crashing on the pullout couch downstairs, but now that she's gone we can hangout in the living room again, and it doesn't feel like we have some invisible 5th roomate that just trashes the place and leaves. so i guess it ain't all bad. the place stays livable now.

i'm selling a bunch of stuff on ebay right now, including some vintage/designer/whatev clothes i feel i must part with. i'll post a link to it when it's up.

i have my studio partially set up on the third floor of the house, right outside my bedroom. i have my sewing machine set up there, but i really need an easel and a drawing table... i have a list of jobs i plan to apply for (advertising and graphic design) since i am still poor and unsigned... we're playing with the black lips and be your own pet next week...

it's all sink or swim.
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awesomer. [Sep. 8th, 2006|01:00 pm]
new york was awesome. we won over the entire crowd, and sold enough cds and shirts and stuff to pay for the entire trip out there, and then some. so i guess we're going to record now! we're looking at recording at Ante Up! in cleveland. you can't go wrong recording where bone thugs n' harmony, tori amos, and trent reznor have all recorded, i guess.

we just played with supersystem on wednesday, which was pretty fun.

bears are also doing awesome.

we did a photo shoot downtown for Friday Magazine a week or so ago...
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nyc... [Aug. 22nd, 2006|11:33 pm]
[Current Location |patrick's bedroom]
[survey says |sleepysleepy]
[noize |patrick playing guitar]

i've got my fingers crossed, and everything is looking up, all things considered.

i'm totally beyond broke right now - it's depressing. i need a good job, but one that lets me leave to tour.

i'm totally crazy about my boyfriend, patrick, who happens to share the same name as my most recent ex. we celebrated two months of being together at the beach, the real beach, not the "lake erie fake beach."

i feel like i need another vacation!
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holy updater. [Jul. 25th, 2006|04:26 pm]
[Current Location |pheonix coffee house on lee rd]
[noize |some horrible techno shit]

so, i've been BUSY.

there's a shocker, right?

BEARS is blowing up. we're getting national radio play, close to a thousand units of the first release have been dispersed, record companies ear's are perked and listening, and we're playing with Camera Obscura and Georgie James (of Q¬U) this saturday at the grog.


PLASMA FOR GUNS is going on tour in august, as long as stuff gets confirmed... we'll see.

8/17 - pittsburgh, pa -
8/18 - cincinatti, oh - tba (help!)
8/19 - knoxville, tn - tba (help!)
8/20 - savannah, ga - tba (someone's helping, but if you can help us, lemme know!)
8/21 - charleston, sc - tba (see above)
8/22 - wilmington, nc - tba (see above that)
8/23 - greensboro, nc - tba (see abover still)
8/24 - somewhere, nj - Brighton Bar
8/25 - brooklyn, ny - north six
8/26 - phillidelphia, pa - (help!!)

yup, that's about it.

all i do anymore is play music, and sometimes sleep.
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best day ever vs. worst day ever [Jun. 18th, 2006|01:23 pm]
[noize |pet monster - "space madness"]

best day ever: Friday, June 16th

- woke up and got coffee, met up with my friends chris and christen and went the beach.

- spent the afternoon at the beach, reading trashy fashion magazines and hanging out.

- we all went out for Thai food afterwards

- went the thrift store and bought a bunch of awesome vintage dresses from the 50's/early 60's, some strappy gold sandals that look like their about 20 years old and have never been worn, a cute light spring/fall coat, and sunglasses (because i'm a sunnnies WHORE).

- got cuted up, then went to see Kiddo and the Dirtbombs at the Beachland, and got in for free because the man working the door recognized me from my band and let me in for free.

- went to the wine bar on west market street and got free food because christen and i are adorable and they were low on french bread. drank one of the best glasses of wine i've ever had.

worst day ever: Saturday, June 17th

- starting at 1am, my friend brian got held up at gunpoint in ohio city, as he was walking across the block to the wine bar to meet us. he didn't even have to walk a full block and got robbed before he got there. ohio city is a mess.

- woke up and found out that my car had gotten hit over night while parked on a side street in lakewood, near where i'm staying, had to file a police report and call the insurence company, and subsequently, was an hour late for work.

- i opened a soda while driving and it exploded all over me and my car, making it look like i totally pissed myself, and adding to the mess that is my car.

- got to work and it was my friend tom's last day, and i had to work alone with my boss all afternoon.

- found out i have to go home next weekend for family stuff, immediately after we play some music festival.

then, it started getting a little better...

- my landlord walked us through our new house to show us all the work he's done to the place, and it's looking awesome so far.

- found out we can start moving in 6/18 for sure, and that we're also getting a new refridgerator and dryer in addition to everything else that's been done to the place.

then it got worse...

- lost the keys to chris's apartment twice before i even got out the door... then left my bass at the apartment and had to turn around and go back and pick it up.

then it got better...

- we dressed up as old people for the costume party/anti-CMJ Cleveland show we were playing

- i had a fun time, got a little drunk, and had a really really good couple-hours-long conversation with pat from pet monster. this did nothing but make me like him more. i want to hang out again soon.

i took a lot of pictures of people's costumes last night, i'll post pics later.

it was fun spraying andrew's chest hair grey to make him look like and old man... lol.
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